frisco, Colorado

june 21st-23rd, 2019



The RISE Experience


Gather together with us for a weekend in the picturesque Rocky Mountains of Colorado for an experience curated for family photographers. We want to ignite a spark in you that may have been burning for long, or one that you have just recently discovered. We want to cultivate and encourage your creative journey. We will explore the art of running a business, how we approach family photography and will also dive deep into revealing how personal creative projects can strengthen and shape your artistic vision. We will be holding these conversations in an intimate setting where everyone has a seat at the table. We will hold nothing back and give you full transparency on how we run our businesses. We want to talk about who we all are as mothers, business owners and artists. The Rise Retreat was born out of three good friends wanting to take our passion for community and photography and share it with kindred spirits.

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Rise With Us

Bethany, Sara & Nicole

When we stop fearing failure, we start being artists.
— Ann Voskamp

meet your hosts

Who We Are



I’ve always been a creative, but it’s taken me most of my life to realize that this is who I was created to be. Using my gift to encourage the hearts of others is what brings me alive. I believe there is beauty in all the seasons of our lives and that truth and authenticity always trump perfection. Photography has been a gift to me in that it has allowed me to see and hold on to tangible evidence of the beauty of this messy and sometimes chaotic time in my life when I’m knee deep in homeschooling and piles of laundry. It’s taught me to listen and observe and to use my own experience to help tell the stories of others. My hope for you with our retreat is that you’ll begin see the beauty in your ability to use your own unique gifts to see others and tell their stories as well as cultivate an intimate community with other creatives that share your passion.




Feeler – Diet Coke addict and Podcast Lover – Adventure and Light Seeker

Do you remember your childhood dream? The one you still had your whole life to achieve and become anything you wanted? For me that dream was to become a famous singer. I was a good singer, an even better song-writer but soon grew to realize that maybe that was only part of my artistic journey. Since I can remember, I have always been led to create something and use my imagination.

The act of creating and doing is what makes me feel alive and most like myself.

I discovered my love for photographing people and their connections with each other soon after my first son was born. He was my first muse, and like so many mothers, I saw the most beautiful being in front of me and wanted to document every detail of his childhood and our life together. Eight years later, our family has grown into 4. My supportive husband, Mike has always been a huge reason I have found success in this business. My two sons, Jaxon and Asher are always reminding me of what matters most in my life.

I am drawn to create meaningful work with photographs. I love the way it feels when I am able to combine my vision and someone’s story in an artistic way. My work is ever-evolving and I will forever consider myself a life long learner. I will never be done exploring and trying new things. I truly believe when kindred spirits come together to celebrate a similar passion something very powerful takes place. Together we teach each other how to see in a new way. And that my friends, is priceless. I cannot wait to create and explore with you in my big back yard, The Rocky Mountains!




It’s buried in my soul, that California Gold.

Much like sitting on the same side of the booth as your partner, I find about me sections wholly unacceptable for public consumption. This is problematic for me because while I am a woman with many amazing qualities (gorgeous, well read, have never been in an accident deemed by an insurance company to be my own fault-to name a few) I have the online personality of Helen Keller, at best.

Because God is fair, I am not a natural blonde. I am not even in the neighborhood of natural blonde. To maintain this facade, I get my hair done every seven weeks. I love podcasts and boogie Volcano candles from Anthro. I am a reluctant homeschool mom with two kids who fell in love with it…the heart wants what the heart wants. I have been married for 11 years to the best & he’s a fine piece of eye candy who happens to save lives - McDreamy.

From the bottom of my heart I promise this will not be just another workshop. I want to teach you that image making is not disposable. That the family sessions are not about you and your ART, you are the time keepers for generations to come. The truth is that I am about as basic as they come. I love golden hour, I live for connection with families, and I believe in dads drinking one roadie before a shoot. Yet I still stop and take photos with my shitty i-phone of sunsets. BUT HERE’S THE THING GUYS. I know light and I know it well. I know my camera and I know it well. I have learned SO MANY THINGS and I want to share it all with you because it’s time to change our lens, to change our hearts towards family photography, and the joy you can find in gifting these families their memories in tangible form. I hope to teach you to let Instagram’s definition of success go and in that place you will find your greatest voice.

xoxo, Nicole

Go where you most feel alive.

the retreat experience

Topics We’ll Cover



  • For each attendee we will offer portfolio reviews and help you build a strong online presence

  • We will discuss pricing for success. Giving you real numbers and pricing structures that will help you make your business a profitable one

  • We will discuss work/life balance. When to say no and how to balance family life with running a photography business



  • Shoot alongside us for a hands-on experience covering both indoor and outdoor sessions. Use these images for portfolio building and inspiration to further your art

  • We will cover how we approach prepping families for sessions, guiding with natural posing, wardrobe styling and how we use light and composition to enhance our imagery

  • We will each share our workflow from start to finish from importing images, editing techniques and delivering client galleries



  • We will discuss personal projects, creativity and how each inspires your work and helps you grow as an artist

  • Building confidence in yourself outside of your business

  • Exploring a variety of mediums that help you discover the many creative aspects of who you are




frisco, colorado


Upon arrival at 4:00pm you can get settled into your room, relax and begin cultivating your relationships with fellow Risers. Take in the gorgeous views of the mountains and wildflowers, grab a glass of wine and get ready to Rise!


Airport & Transportation


Denver International Airport is the closest airport, only one hour away from Frisco, Colorado. From the airport you can choose to take and Uber or rent a car (we recommend carpooling with fellow attendees!)


Frisco is about an hour from Denver. We will send you the direct address of our home along with all the details of the retreat once you are registered.

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.
— maya angelou

the rise retreat



$1100 non-refundable deposit due at registration with remaining balance due by May 1, 2019

Registration includes:

Lodging and meals in a beautiful private home in the Colorado Rocky Mountains (rooms and queen beds may be shared)

All meals, snacks and drinks provided during your stay

Fully transparent instructor led talks, portfolio reviews, exercises, hands on family shoots and so much more.

*Airfare and transportation to the retreat house are not included.

Registration is limited to 15 attendees and spots are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Deposits must be received within 24 hours after receiving your invoice.


We RISE by lifting others.
— Robert Ingersoll
Away from the smog in cities, our hearts are drawn west, where the only dust is earth, and the only barrier is the sky. Head west for the silence that roars from a wild heart.
— Lily Moon River